Who We Are

Al-Araqa International is one of Qatar’s leading real estate companies known for its steady commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. It is committed to transforming spaces into inspiring places that enhance human experience.

With years of excellence spanning seventeen years, Al-Araqa has proven to be the first in offering a variety of residential, commercial and versatile projects, driven by a team of experienced professionals, creative visionaries and industry experts.

Al-Araqa cautiously oversees every aspect of the development process to ensure that each project reflects its core values of integrity, transparency and excellence.


It’s represented in investing, growing and working to make it a leader in the field of contracting and construction by achieving high quality based on its core values and the expertise of its employees.

Above view of architect hands revising a house project


Leading the way in construction field. To be one of the prominent companies with outstanding standards and high quality in Qatar.

Why Al-Araqa is your best choice

Al-Araqa has carved its long experience within the State of Qatar through a constructive and genuine partnership with its customers. Since then, Al-Araqa has achieved the aspirations of clients who have become an integral part of its history of success. Today, over the age of 17, the company’s performance rates continue to grow and develop professionally and technically, in line with global standards, its vision for the future and the satisfaction of its customers. Al-Araqa has dedicated its efforts to create innovative residential and commercial developments that align with its surroundings and embrace the principles of sustainability by prioritizing clients’ needs, promoting long-term partnerships and upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism.